Jimmy Calanchini 

Principal Investigator 


Alexa Aringer 

Lab Manager 

These are some of the people and groups we collaborate with:

Jeff Sherman                     Christoph Klauer

Calvin Lai                           Diane Mackie

Eric Hehman                     Franziska Meissner

Cynthia Pickett                  Paul Smaldino

Jessica Kay Flake              Karen Gonsalkorale

Jelena Nedeljković           Andrew Rivers

Project Implicit                 Howie Duitt

Klauer Lab 2017 - Freiburg, Germany

L to R, F to B: Andre Aßfalg, Lydia Puffe, Anne Voormann, Karl Christoph Klauer, Manu Becker, Danielle Pessach, Kerstin Dittrich, Jimmy Calanchini, Annelie Rothe-Wulf, Rainer Leonhart, Sandra Romanowicz, Raphael Hartmann  

Klauer Lab 2016 - Freiburg, Germany

L to R, F to B: Niels Skovgaard Olsen, Karl Christoph Klauer, Sarah Teige-Mocigemba, Annelie Rothe-Wulf, Sandra Romanowicz, Jimmy Calanchini, Andre Aßfalg, Rainer Leonhart, Nadine Schimpf,  Kerstin Dittrich, Lydia Puffe, Manu Becker   

Sherman Lab 2015 - Davis, CA USA

L to R: Andrew Rivers, Jeff Sherman, Jenny Roth, Jimmy Calanchini, Ryan Hutchings, Lisa Huang, Heather Rees

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